Competition Success for Riders – TALK

Competition Success for Riders UNMOUNTED TALK



Creating the best Confidence & Performance Mindset!

Whether grassroots or professional, everyone can benefit from that little ‘extra’ mental coaching when competing!

This talk covers a great deal of information on mental preparation, and includes some simple and effective mental techniques for confidence and performance to help you achieve the best possible result on the day!


HYPNOSIS CD’s for sale on the day:

A selection of professionally produced hypnosis CDs for riders.  Simply sit back, relax and listen and let your subconscious absorb all those positive suggestions.

DRESSAGE – To help you remain calm and confident in the warm up and to help you ride your test to the best of you and your horse’s ability.

SHOW JUMPING –  This hypnosis CD will help you to feel more confident when riding your show jump round.  Filled with positive suggestions for your subconscious mind to absorb.

EVENTING – The ultimate CD to help you feel more confident, more focused and more in control on your competition day.  It will take you through all three phases of the competition and addresses any anxieties and worries.

CROSS COUNTRY JUMPING – Ideal for hunter trials and general cross country riding.  Helps you to feel calmer and more in control when going over cross country jumps.

And for the night before your competition:

DEEP SLEEP! – To help you fall into a deep, restful sleep the night before you compete.

ALL CDs DISCOUNT FOR THIS TALK:  £15 each. (Normal price: £18.99 + p&p)

For information:

07900 492 529

£10.00 (Pre-booked)

£15.00 On the door.




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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Talk - Please DO NOT use this booking form, please send payment as advised on info sheet£10.00
Location Chelwood Gate EC, Sussex
Chelwood Gate Ec
Chelwood Farm
Nutley Uckfield TN22 3HH