DEVON Main Confidence Workshop (Unmounted)

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‘Hardwiring Riding Confidence’ 

• 9 Essential Strategies for Confidence
• Full Length Hypnotherapy Session
• Action Plan for Future Success
• Free Hypnosis CD
• Rider Information Pack
• Ongoing Support via CHR Confidence Club

Morning: Understanding why we cannot just ‘get rid’ of negative thoughts and why it seems impossible to change how we feel and react by willpower alone. How we can make positive changes at a deeper level. Using performance coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy sessions specifically designed for riders to overcome fears and build confidence. Lots of great coaching tips and ideas through the morning.

Afternoon:  More powerful exercises involving a full length confident rider hypnotherapy session designed to help you change how you think, feel and react, therefore enabling you to remain calmer and feel more in control and confident when you ride.  We design an easy to follow method of enabling you to utilize your experience of hypnosis and NLP earlier in the day and show you how you can adapt this as you build in your confidence. We establish a positive plan for the future.  We tackle many issues throughout the day, including those ‘what if’ moments.

This workshop will enable you to immediately change how you feel by boosting your confidence, and it will also give you new skills for the future. You are free to take part in these exercises or just watch and work on them in your own time after the day.

You will be supplied with a folder which will hold additional information on the work we will cover.  You will also be reminded to bring a notebook so that you can write down all the exercises in your own words.  You will be encouraged to ask questions so that we are completely sure you can address all issues you are concerned about.

The day is also full of practical tips for you and these, combined with the above work, ensures a highly powerful day. The group is made up of riders who have struggled with their confidence in one way or another and you have the opportunity of making new friends, which will add to your support network if you wish.

All those attending will be invited to join our closed Confident Horse Rider’s club on Facebook. Here you will have more information, tips, help and all the support you need to continue building up your confidence.

After booking this workshop, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out.  This enables me to make sure all the work and exercises I have chosen will be specific to those attending.  This questionnaire is private and confidential.

I will be emailing everyone on your workshop on the Monday prior to the event.


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9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Main Workshop £89.00
Location Uffculme Village Hall, Cullompton