Horse on The Beach


Organisers get the workshop Free Of Charge….!

Anyone can be an Organiser!

Organisers receive a Confidence Workshop, absolutely FREE.

You will also get a priority space on any mounted sessions.

What do you need to do to become an Organiser?

An Organiser helps to find a venue for the Main Workshop. This could be your local village hall, a riding centre, college etc., anywhere where we would have a private training room (or any cosy room!). You help to promote the event via Facebook/Tack Shops/etc., and a poster will be sent to you for this purpose.

In order to qualify for the workshop free of charge, you need to help generate 8 bookings for the day.  Any bookings from the poster or ads I have supplied are included in this….you are not left on your own to generate bookings!

If you decide to go ahead, please email me and you will be sent a list of the information needed when considering a venue. We decide on a date for this workshop and I will go ahead and book the venue.  You will be sent a poster to either print and/or post up on Facebook Groups in your area, tack shops, feed merchants, etc.

All bookings will come through my website. In the unlikely event that we do not get enough bookings, we will postpone this until a later date, but this has only happened once in the last five years!

Please email