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Ride With Confidence!

Struggling with fears?

If you are struggling with anxieties or fears, constantly held back by the ‘what ifs’, feel sad, frustrated, or find you are on your own with your worries, we are here to help you overcome those difficulties and achieve your riding dreams.

Our professional experience

The Confident Horse Rider Ltd is run by Amanda Kirtland-Page.  As well as her many years of experience and training in the therapy and coaching field, Amanda also has over 35 years experience of teaching riders both in the UK and Internationally.

Dedicated help for you

With over 25 years specialist experience in Sports Psychology, Equine Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling, we have all the professional experience and knowledge to help you, whatever level you ride at.

Support & understanding

We will find the best way to help you build confidence and to make those important changes, in whichever area you are stuck. You are not on your own, we are always here to help and support you in whatever situation you are struggling with!

Our Special Pre-X’mas Offer!

Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings now to include a 1:1 Coaching Session!  Don’t wait another moment, contact me and let’s get you back on the path to your horsey dreams!  We have a special X’mas offer which runs from October to the 24th of December. (Orders must be placed by 30th Nov).

Workshops, Talks, Camps & Coaching


Online Consultations

These sessions can include Hypnotherapy if you wish. Woman with headphones chating on internet Tailored coaching sessions to help you overcome fears, build riding confidence, improve competition performance and create a true understanding and connection between you and your horse.
Ongoing support, practical information and help in all areas of riding and/or competing. (Free half hour initial consultation)  £45 per 60 mins.


Private Consultations

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Performance Coaching are all proven Private Consultationand effective ways of overcoming difficulties in all areas in your life. These sessions are not just exclusive to confidence difficulties, but rather cover issues regarding any problems you are experiencing, equine related or otherwise. Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Weight Control, Phobias, Fears, Depression, Anger, etc. These sessions are held at the The Saddlery, Crockstead Equestrian Centre, Eastbourne Road, Lewes, BN8 6PT

Upcoming Talks

No Upcoming Events

Upcoming Camps

  • May 24
    3 Day Dressage Diva Camp (with music) – ABERDEEN
  • Jun 07
    3 Day Confidence Camp – ABERDEEN
  • Jun 28
    3 Day Confidence Camp – Hartpury, GLOUCESTER

1 Day Confidence Workshops (Unmounted)

No Upcoming Events

What others say about us

Kate Bridgewater

I had some hang ups about my riding. I had been working for over two years trying to get over my issues without much success. Amanda and I had a session over the phone and she gave me homework to do. Well! Within ten minutes of my first ever lesson with Amanda, I had happily cantered round the school on both reins!!!! This was a massive step for me (silly to others, but it was my hang up). Amanda said that it would be my favourite gait, and she is correct.
Amanda is a very clever lady, who helps you to feel good about yourself, who is positive and helps you to think differently. I would 100% recommend her help if you lack confidence and want to get back to riding “the way we used too”. Thank you Amanda x x x

Kate BridgewaterCornwall
Anne Michie

Confidence Camp:  I have had a wonderful weekend with my horse.  I have enjoyed every aspect of the camp.  Amanda you are SO positive and calming and gave me new found positivity.  Thank you SO much, hopefully see you again soon.

Anne MichieEllon, Scotland
Sophie Nichol

Confidence Workshop:  I’ve found the workshop to be extremely beneficial. Being given the tools I need to remain in a positive mindset has set me up for future challenges that I can now embrace. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and a great way to start off the correct mindset. Thank you very much!

Sophie NicholGloucester
Jessica Pyne

Confidence Workshop:  I thoroughly enjoyed today’s workshop.  It was a lot of information to take in, but I am going to take the methods away today and keep testing them out.  I have come away from the workshop feeling calmer and content and I am hoping the exercises prove effective in my future.  Thank you very much.

Jessica PyneInverness
Kat Evans

Confidence Booster Workshop: Really enjoyed the hypnosis having never done it before and I can see how it will come in useful in keeping me positive.  Loved the technique with using cartoons and that will definitely help me put my demons to rest!

Kat EvansSussex